Review: Tatcha Water Cream & The Deep Cleanser

The Water Cream – $68/1.7oz – Shop

Water creams FEEL glorious. They are so silky, and melt into a thin dewy glow and this one is no different, feels like heaven. Unfortunately they feel this way and have this effect because of all the dimethicone, so it is a no go if you are avoiding silicones. It is oil free which is great for oily/normal/dehydrated-oily skin but will not be enough moisture for dry skin, which was my case. It would make a great basic hydrating eye cream for anyone though, if you don’t want to pay extra for the actives that de-puff and brighten etc.

For my dry+combo+acne-prone skin it was not enough moisture…

Even though my skin looked great at first (and felt silky and wonderful), I had to keep applying to maintain that dewy look or at the end of the day my face looked a little dry/not glowy… Also the day I applied multiple coats to maintain hydration I got a few whitehead pore clogs from all the dimethicone. This was not surprising as my skin is very prone to clogs, especially from silicones. Another thing to note: This Tatcha cream has PARFUM/FRAGRANCE which is an EWG level 9. I’m not sure how this got Sephora’s clean beauty seal?

Bottom line: If you have normal/oily skin and want a light and silky feeling oil-free moisturizer that gives you a temporary dewy glow and don’t mind the cost, silicones, or fragrance, this is perfect!

Even if it’s not for my skin type I will still be trying out other water creams (hopefully some cheaper or cleaner ones) and comparing them so you know which ones to try if that is your thing. (Stay tuned!)

The Deep Cleanser $38/5oz – Shop

I came so close to loving this… Some people say it isn’t cleansing enough and doesn’t remove makeup all the way, but the more cleansing a product is = the more stripping it is! I think this cleanser walks the perfect fine line of pretty cleansing without being too stripping. I always start with a micellar cleanse anyways, so it was cleansing enough for me. Immediately after cleansing it took my face a few minutes before it started to feel tight which means it’s much less drying than most traditional cleansers, maybe almost on par with oil cleansers. My face didn’t feel squeaky which I was surprised and impressed by.

The problem I had with this was the exfoliating particles…

Supposedly the exfoliants are pieces of natural luffa? Well I use a natural luffa to exfoliate my body and it is ROUGH. This cleanser seemed like it had shards of glass in it! They felt very sharp to me, and I can scrub my face with pure sugar which is way too rough for most! The good thing was there weren’t many exfoliating pieces, so I could gently rub my face without scraping them off, but I couldn’t really massage the cleanser in (for fear of tearing my skin) so I didn’t get to do my rejuvenating facial massage that I like.

Bottom line: If it weren’t for the large exfoliating chunks this might be my favorite non-oil/non-micellar cleanser but I cannot get past that. It does make me want to try their other cleansers though.


I got this duo during Sephora’s sale and it both impressed and disappointed me. I am in LOVE with the packaging. I know how stupid that is, and I’m normally not a sucker for packaging but it is SO cute that it brings joy when you look at it! As far as general performance, I kind of feel like this is one of those: It’s nice but in Japan costs $5 brands. There aren’t any super potent or expensive anti-aging ingredients, so it is hard to justify the price when cheaper asian brands give you the same thing. If I’m going to spend that much I want less drugstore and more clinical.

*I do not accept payment for reviews, the opinions are my own and I purchased these products with my own money to try them out. Photos are from pinterest.