In What Order Do I Apply My Skincare Products?


You have probably heard the basics which are: 1. Go from most acidic to least acidic (all acids first), 2. Go from wateriest (it’s my word!) to thickest, 3. End with oiliest. These are the golden rules, but sometimes you might not always know which product is most acidic etc. so I found two awesome pictures which show what this actually looks like when you are preparing your routine.



Now not all of these steps are necessary, BUT if you are doing all of these steps this is the order to do them in. A note about Vitamin C, it goes in that place if it is the L-ascorbic acid form of vitamin C, which has a PH of around 3. If you use any of the other vitamin C derivatives they have a higher PH and belong after the toners, exfoliants, and essences in the serum section. *EXCEPT if it is THD Ascorbate (Tetrahexyldecyl) which is oil soluble and found in oil serums, like Amazonia’s Vitamin C Serum. A THD Ascorbate vitamin C serum is applied at the facial oil step. Here is another awesome pic that clearly lays it out vertically this time!

In my next posts I will be devising specific skincare routines based on the different skin-types, specific problems/goals, with different budgets, so stay tuned!